Silly things we did and believed in our childhood


Kids ga unapudu life was simple. Mana imagination ki maname boss.. evaru question cheyyaru. Evarki answer cheyyamu. Manam edi cheshna cute untadi. Ipudu anni changed. Responsibilities, aims and ambitions, hardwork, etc., inni things ni manage cheyyali. Imagination ani lokam loki velthe stupid ankuntaru. The best we can do is recollect all those fantastic memories!

1. Mana hands or friends hands are our sketch books 😛1

2. Teeth pothe, pillow kinda pedthe fairy ostundi and gift istundi ana very funny but cute thing we used to believe. Mana dad or mom ochi akada edanna gift pedtunde disappointment manaki undodhu ani.2

3. Black and white cinemas chustu.. world motham black and white untundi ani ankune vaallam 😛3

4. Movies lo songs lo costumes and locations maaruthe, adi magic ankune vaallam.4

5. Our favorite soup is icecream soup 😛5

6. Mana parents shoes or clothes vekoni vaalla laaga acting cheyyam.6

7. Ipatlo long distance relationships entha difficult oo appatlo mana best friend illu maarutho anthe difficult untundi manaki7

8. Sometimes last bell kottagane intiki velthamu ane anandam lo school bags kuda class lo marchipotham sometimes.8

9. Mana favorite cartoon ni time ki chudaniki manam edaina chestham. Kavalante kattapa badalu maname bahubali ni kuda champestham.9

10. Cheating for us was picking the letter we want in ‘Name place animal thing’ game lo.10

11. The biggest gift our teachers could give was just three words. “NO HOMEWORK TODAY!”11

12. Sharing tiffin boxes is our favorite thing!!!12

13. Teacher teacher game aadi..mana real teachers laaga behave chesthe oche anandam is so nice.13

14. Complaining to your dad all the things about your sibling, as soon as he comes from work is our favorite homework.14