Six Best Negative Characters In Tamil That You Love to Hate


Movies are a perfect amalgamation of the good and the bad. When the lead actors and actresses form the beautiful elements of a film, it is the villainous characters that are responsible for the twists in the story line.

Though these villains end up getting bashed and killed by the hero, their contribution to a movie cannot be overlooked. Over the years, some of the negative characters have been immortalized by talented actors with their inimitable performances which made the audience loathe them.

Here are some unforgettable negative characters which the audience loves to hate.

Badri – Kuruthipunal – Nassar


In spite of actors like Kamal Haasan, Arjun, Gouthami and Geetha being a part of the movie, it was Nassar, who hogged all the limelight with his portrayal of negative traits in this movie. A hard hitting saga about terrorism, the different shades of Badri – the villain, took the audience by surprise and filled their hearts with hatred. Without doubt, this remains one of the best villain characters in Tamil cinema.

Neelambari – Padaiyappa – Ramya Krishnan


Ramya Krishnan gave up her old image for this movie and held her forte in this negative role opposite the superstar Rajnikanth. The confrontation scenes between her and the actor leave the audience mesmerized. She poured in a charisma of her own in character making it one of the most powerful villainous roles ever played by a woman.

Thandavan – Naan Kadavul – Rajendran


Rajendran aka Mottai Rajendran, played the role of the head honcho of beggars who are physically challenged with so much conviction, that he got threatening calls from people for many days on end after the movie was released. His histrionics and dialogue delivery filled many a hearts with terror and turned him into a super villain overnight.

Illamaran – Vettaiyaadu Villayadu – Daniel Balaji


This movie which sees Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan hunting for a serial killer cum psychopath, who abducts and kills women mercilessly, had Daniel playing the role of the psycho killer. His creepy portrayal of the character terrorized the audience, especially the female audience who are believed to have spent many a sleepless nights after watching the movie. 

Aranganathan – Mudhalvan – Raghuvaran
IllamaranA noted character actor, Raghuvaran played the role of the corrupt Chief Minister who makes life a living hell for the hero. Donning a white wig and khadi kurtas, his vile moves throughout the movie is what made the audience hate him more and more. He literally poured in his talent to make this a character that everyone would love to hate.

Sundaramba – Raadhika – Jeans


Known for her girl next door image, in this film Raadhika played the role of Nassar’s wife who creates a rift in the family with her sharp edged tongue. With her power house performance and impressive dialogue delivery, she immortalized this character as one of the most hated ones.

Time and again actors and actresses have played negative characters with conviction and sometimes outshining the lead actors.