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This Small Write Up On Tanishq Ad Which Created Controversy Will Make Us Think ‘Are We Really United?’


Written By: Gayatri Sriaadhibhatla

A country that has always talked about brotherhood and solidarity has proven to cross all boundaries when a certain section of the society call the creatives of an advertisement released by Tanishq promoting their recent campaign called Ekavatam which clearly believed on celebrating people from all walks of life, religion and different communities. The whole advertisement featured a pregnant Hindu lady who was thrown a baby shower in a Muslim family with the whole ceremony themed traditionally as per Hindu culture.
Ee advertisement ni twitter and other social media platforms lo chaala troll cheseru. Love jihad aney concept ni promote chesthundi ani chala mandhi chaala annaru. Ilanti mindset unna valla valla Tanishq vala advertisement ni thesesindi. Asalu 21st century lo manam inka inter religion marriages ni accept cheyalekapothey manam ekkada daaka develop ayyemo meere alochinchandi.

Source: Hindustan Times

It showed that we can break the rules when it comes to love and affection especially when we are celebrating moments like bringing a life in this world. But, sadly since, our country mobs were outraged by this idea and they had taken over social media where people were throwing hate on the TATA group, the people behind the creative, employees, ad agency and even managers of the store in a certain part of the country.

Twitterati aithey asalu agatley trolls nunchi support dhaaka andharu ee issue ni address cheseru. Celebrities like Chetan Bhagat tweet cheseru “Dear #tanishq, most people attacking you can’t afford you anyway.And given where their thinking will take this economy, they soon won’t have jobs and hence definitely won’t able to buy anything from #tanishq in the future too. Don’t worry about them”.
Ilanti tweets valla Chetan Bhagat ni okka elitist ga portray chesi athanni troll chesthunnaru.

Actress Divya Dutt evaru aithey ee advertisement ki voice icchero aame chala baadha paddaru, Amme tweet cheseru” But sir, manam brotherhood ne kadha promote cheyyali anukuntunnam. Ilanti message toh unna ads enni untayo kaani evari opinions valavi, em chestham”. (Translated).
After such reaction from people, the organisation decided to take down the advertisement once and for all. It is so sad to see how people termed creative people as “Creative terrorists”. A celebrity like Kangana Ranaut who is at a position to influence people and persuade them had made certain statements in support towards so called bullshit theory of #lovejihad.

Zara Raj Parwal, ane oka muslim ammai, oka hindu abbai, Nikhil Parwal ni pellio cheskunnaru. Aame tweet cheseru, “ This is for Tanishq Jewellery and bigots who called for #Boycotttanishq and have questioned if religions were changed. So here it goes, my maiden nameis Zara and I have been married to Nikhil Parwal since 2k16. And these are our wedding pictures”. Aame support chupisthu trolls ki oka answer iccheru.
Ee incident tharvatha Ratan Tata ni kuda chala harass cheseru janalu, athanu asalkey atahni aasthi lo 75 percent country wellbeing ki icchesru. Alanti manishi meedha revolt start cheyadam nyayama?

According to the advertising club, there was nothing derogatory portrayed towards any individual, religion, or organisation in the ad in terms of ethical standards and beliefs as per the society. My concern towards the whole movement is that why the country is still stuck on the religious thoughts which they believe to be pure and pious, whereas opposite to that these creatives have the power to create a better place for love and for us to move over these worldly created concepts of religion.

It is upto the world to decide if there is any humanity left as clearly the actions taken show how much creative freedom we have in our country. Mana meedha depend ai undi, ilage manam mindsets unchukuntey love aney concept ki freedom undadhu.

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