Some unnocticed things in Baahubali series


• Nippule Swaasaga0Baahubali is not a movie of numbers. It isn’t only about the huge profits and large crew. The film is about so many details that make it all the more beautiful. One such detail is in the first part where Prabhas enters the kingdom and the background plays the song, “Nippule Swaasaga”.

The director shows the strength in the promise of love and the emotional power between a mother and her son. After Shivudu promises Avanthika to rescue the lady from a prison, he goes on his horse and the director shows a series of scenes in the song that mean more than just a song. First, he comes breaking open a wall (Bhoomi). Then, a lightning strikes a tree and the tree catches fire (Nippu) he surpasses fire and jumps into water (Neeru). He, then, climbs the fort walls and jumps from the top (Akasham), falls through air (Gaali) and lands in the kingdom.

The scene symbolizes that Shivudu crosses the Pancha Mahabhutalu to enter the kingdom and fulfill his promise. The scene also unmasks the fact that Shivudu reached his destiny with the five elements of nature witnessing it.
• Resemblance with Mahabharatha

Kumara Varma’s Similarity with Ashmaha1-Kumara-Varma’s-Similarity-with-ashwathamaParashurama, the warrior-priest, had sworn to kill all the Kshatriyas because their unrighteous and for lack of their respect for gnāna and gnānis. With his axe he hacked all the kings and warriors filling five great lakes with blood. But one man escaped. His name was Ashmaha, a Raghu Vamsi and an ancestor of Dasharatha Rāma. Pasasurama knew that it was unrighteous to kill a woman. Parashurama who wanted to establish righteousness on earth would therefore never harm a woman. So Ashmaha ran into the women’s quarters, hid behind the women and escaped Parashurama’s wrath. Because of this he came to be known as Nari-kavacha.

Yes, in the movie, Kumara Varma fights back. But there is a slight similarity found in the two characters.

Rivalry between brothers of different fathers2-Rivalry-between-brothersRivalry between the Pandavas and Kauravas is similar to Baahubali and Bhallaladeva here.

Shakuni = Bijjaladeva3 Shakuni-=-BijjaladevaCunningness, wanting their son/nephew to rule the kingdom are two qualities very similar in both these men. Shakuni was the mastermind behind the fate changer gambling game and Bhijjaladeva’s poison to Sivagami’s mind was the reason of such a story. The two men had physical disabilities – Shakuni had a limp and Bhijjaladeva had a deformity in his hand.

Katappa = Vidhura4 Katappa-=-VidhuraPoor, demeaned, wrongly treated; yet are loyal to their kingdom.

Katappa = Bhishma5 Katappa-=-BhishmaThey stood strong right next to the king for a promise made long ago.