This Song On Auto-Rickshaws By Bengaluru’s ‘Live Banned’ Is True In Every Sense


It is only off late that Uber and Ola have come into mainstream. Just a year or more ago, the people ruling the taxi circuit has been the auto-walas. When you raise a question about bargaining, you can in no way match with them in any way. The auto drivers have deemed prices at their disposal and when you ask the auto driver for hire, automatically his deemed price irrespective of the distance is blurted out.

Well, a few of them are genuine but the reason we have this attitude towards auto drivers is because most of their demands are such. So, the band ‘Live Banned’ has come up with a unique song on the auto-wala in Bengaluru and surprisingly this has not been noticed much though it rightly describes every commuter’s issue in a single song of four and half minutes.

By the time the song ends, these guys convince you that buying an auto-rickshaw is a far better job than anything else.


Watch our Mahatalli originals here.