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6 Types Of Drunk Personalities We Come Across In Our Lives


Stages of Drunk Personalities

1. Clank those glasses

Waiting for the time to come with friends. Say cheers and then raising the glasses and clanking them you start with joy together with mates.

2.Not sure of feeling it.

Alcohol makes you feel relaxed when you started drinking one or two. This moment you would be not sure that it is working. You don’t feel that it is a difference, in spite you talk awful.

3. Buzzed

One more drink and you feel the buzz as a bunch of bees buzzing around you. At this stage, you will as if your senses start to deteriorate and you ought to stop to take next right now but rolling to with the good times… you will pick up for the sweet sip.

4. Centre of attraction

Yelling for more shots and dancing yourself. This stage has a danger of losing your control. You will be the centre of attraction with a louder voice, talking about stumbling topics continuously. When your friends try to make you calm but refuse to listen to them.

5. Blackout

Hopefully, one will become a monster generally seen with slurring words. Screaming, jumping here and there around the couch. You can’t recall anything whatever happened at this stage.

6. Come down

When alcohol loses its power, you will sink into terrible. Now you truly understand that alcohol is depressant.

We find sobers rarely who are stable even they drink. They are not at all affected after consuming alcohol.

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