10 Stories written by Vijayendra Prasad that have always become classics


Vijayendra Prasad is an Indian film director and writer who has been in the field since 1977 and has given 25 movies so far. All of them have been successful ones. He won a Nandi Award for best feature film for his directorial magic with Rajanna.

Here are few from his kitty that we love.

1. Janaki Ramudu1
2. Bobbili Simham2.-Bobbili-Simham
3. Gharana Bullodu3.-Gharana-Bullodu
4. Samarasimha Reddy4-Samarasimha-Reddy
5. Sye5-Sye
6. Chatrapathi6.-Chatrapathi
7. Vikramarkudu7-vikramarkudu
8. Magadheera8.-Magadheera
9. Eega9.-Eega
10. Bahubali10-Bahubali