Street Food You Must Try At Charminar During Ramadan


Finally, the holy month of Ramadan has begun. Out of all the Indian capital cities, Hyderabad is overwhelmed with festive fervor from the beginning of Ramzan, the holy month. Charminar in the old city is one such special and precious place in Hyderabad. With glitters of bangles, the smell of Haleem and the flavor of Irani chai, you will find some uniqueness at this place.

The Charminar food stalls are the perfect place to start with during Ramadan if you want to explore the varieties of food in Hyderabad. Check out the list of must try delicacies that you shouldn’t miss during your next visit to Charminar.

#Chicken Bun1-Chicken-Bun
#Patthar Ka Gosht3-Patthar-ka-goshtMeat marinatrd overnight anr slow cooked over a stone

#Nalli Paya with Shermal4-Nalli-Paya-with-Shermal
#Dahi Wada5-dahi-vada
#Irani Naan13-Irani-Naan
#Irani Chai7-irani-chai
#Shadab Biryani12-Shadab-Biryani
#Qubani ka Meetha8-Qubani-ka-Meetha
#Double Ka Meetha9-Double-Ka-Meetha
#Keema Samosa10-Keema-Samosa