Take a look at Vizag’s famous dosa truck ‘Ruchi Dosa’


Dosa anedi manaku introduction avasaram leni food item. We all literally love dosas. Ee time lo ayna sare vaddu ani mathram anamu let it be morning, afternoon, evening, night, vesi pedithe midnight kuda. Manam general ga enni varieties of dosa cheskuntam intlo?? Mahaa ante 2 r 3. But ‘Ruchi Dosa’ of vizag ekanga 74 varieties of dosa prepare chestharu thelusa. And it is a big hit in the city.dosa truck73 varieties ante em untay ani alochisthu unnaru kada meru kuda. You can literally fing any variety of dosa here. Me imagination antha upayoginchi oka variety adagandi and you will already find it here. General ga varieties of dosa ante manaki thelisinavi untay plain dosa, masala dosa, onion dosa, rava dosa, egg dosa. Thankfully, veellu ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas tho vachi food lovers taste buds ni complete ga satisfy chesthunnaru.dosa truckStreet food, food trucks anagane mana first concern hygiene, delay in service etc etc. But veellu along with a refreshing menu, deenni kuda overcome chesaru. They always supply mineral water and clean environment around their truck.

dosa truck

Rakesh, a b.tech graduate from the city, thana graduation aypogane instead of taking a job, food related business edaina cheyyali anukunnaru. Basically he is a foodie, and he observed the demand for quality traditional food at affordable cost. First restaurant open cheyyali anukunnaru and then he turned up for opening a food truck. dosa truckThey completely avoid plastic, manaku dosas kuda melamine plates lo serve chestharu and used plates anni central unit ki theskelli clean chestharu. They only use mineral water in preparation of dosas. dosa truckDosas cost mathram manam choose cheskunna variety ni batti untundi. They vary from Rs.40 for basic variety to Rs.140 for special varieties. Dosa antha costaa ani mathram underestimate cheyyakandi. Once thinnaru ante, mere oppukuntary, its worth it ani.