A Tale Of Friendship Reaches 1 Million Views Within A Week!!


If you have a great story and if you are willing to tell it out in these smart world times, you needn’t think twice. Just go ahead and you never know how far people can take it if they like it. The latest example is a Telugu short film Thank You, Mitrama! Something unique happened with this short film which stars Anchor Ravi and Srimukhi. It reached a remarkable feat of 1 million views within just 4 days of its release. It had a gentle point to convey – to never let go off your friendship in the name of love!

A guitar which has an important role in this, tells you the story of a boy and girl who were all hale and hearty as long as they were friends, but unknowingly dissolved their friendship once they fell in love. And that lead them in abandoning the guitar which was the reason they actually met. The guitar is then picked by another person. Taking the help of it’s new owner, they decide to re-unite the boy and girl to revive their friendship.

A noble thought, though was stretched for long, got connected to many and is currently the hot favourite among the short films. The short film was produced by Klapboard Productions and directed by CA Rakesh Silver. Actor Nandu provided the voice over for the guitar and Jabardast fame ‘Getup’ Srinu played another important role.

Here is the movie, watch it! You never know which point in the film might connect to your personal life.