7 Telugu celebs who have given us memorable movies with their acting breaking barriers of size


There are a lot of people who are amazingly good at role play, drama, acting, comedy, dance and many more. Vaallaki edo oka reason ga vaalla physical appearances are a little chubby. This doesn’t mean they cannot act and entertain us. There are many people who have always kept us happy with their acting and roles despite them being chubby.

1. Iron Leg Shastry1. Iron Leg Shastry
2. Krishnudu2 Krishnudu
3. Vidyullekha Rama3 Vidyullekha Raman4. Kalpana Rai4. Kalpana Rai
5. Jaya Prakash Reddy5 Jaya Prakash Reddy
6. Geeta Singh6. Geeta Singh
7. Suman Shetty7.Suman Shetty