6 Telugu Directors Who Stand A Class Apart From The Mainstream Directors


When the discussion about directors come into the scene, we usually talk about those mainstream directors who are always in the limelight. From Rajamouli to Koratala Siva, all these commercial directors are the talk of the town. But, what we tend to miss out are those directors who actually make equally or sometimes better movies than the mainstream directors. Their stories have some great depth and content, which is the reason we are talking about them here.

Mohan Krishna Indraganti
mohan krishna indraganti
A post graduate from University of Hyderabad, Mohan Krishna specialised in screenplay writing in New York University. He won a National award an Nandi award for his first film Grahanam. Screenplay is his strength and he has excelled in that department every time.

Shekar Kammula

shekar kammula

After a brief career in the IT field, Shekar pursued MFA from Howard University and came up with his first movie, Dollar Dreams, which won him a National Award and Nandi Award as well. He is known for his light hearted stories and wafer thin plots.

Chandra Shekar Yeleti
chandra sekhar

A pro in screenplay, Chandrashekar Yeleti gave a new dimension to cinema with Aithe. The cult of small budget movies revived wtih Aithe. 

Deva Katta

Deva Katta

Another director who completed  his post graduation from the US. With his first movie Vennala, he set the bar for himseld. With Prastanam he only became a stronger director.



A director with great sense of scripting, Neelakanta has always given some interesting plots and amazing stories asking the audience to put in more strength into applying one’s brain.

Ravi Babu

Ravi Babu

We all know how his movies stand apart. From his starting credits to the plots involved in his movies, everything has a resemblance to some Hollywood flicks. One should watch his movies to experience his style of narration.

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