Telugu Movie actress with Gorgeous hair


Mana Telugu cinemas lo entho mandi beautiful heroines unnaru. But kontamandilo there will a striking element which first comes to our mind when we think of them. Kondari dimples bagunte kontamandi eyes baguntai alage valla smile. Let’s see some of them who has naturally beautiful hair that makes them look even more charming.
1.Sai Pallavibeautiful hair styleShe has a long wavy hair. Tana movies lo most of the time she keeps her hair open without any hairdo which makes her even more beautiful.
2.Nitya Menonbeautiful hair styleE peru vinagane first manaki strike iyedi tana cute curls! Ento mandi hearts dochesindi with her hairstyle.
3.Anushkabeautiful hair styleShe has nice and long silky hair.
4.Parvati Parameswaranbeautiful hair styleVery thick and curly hair. Kerala kutty kada! So no surprise in having such healthy thick hair.
5.Charmibeautiful hair styleBeing a Punjabi, she maintains her thing & long hair very well!
6.Tapsee Pannubeautiful hair styleOne more actress with beautiful curls.
7.Avika Gor7 - avanthikaAvika anagane manaki ventane strike iyedi her unibrow and her long wavy hair.