Telugu movies that took so much time to get to the screen


1. Anji1anjiTotal duration: 6 years, 1998-2004
For the grahocs at that time, surely chaala time patti untadi. Megastar kabatti saripoindi, lekapothe the movie would’ve gone outta reach!

2. Rudramadevi2rudramadeviTotal Duration : 4 years, 2011-2015
Guna Shekar was so keen on dealing with the graphics and the production and every small detail all by himself. Daniki time pattindi according to him.

3. I 3iTotal duration: 3 years, 2012-2015
Vikram’s physical transformation needs a lot of time, definitely. His body weight was 50kgs in one role and 110 kgs in the other! Normal change kadu kada bhaiyya!

4. Saahasam Swaasaga Saagipo4sahasam-swaasaga-saagipoTotal duration: 3 years, 2013-2016
Ee movie lo delay was mainly due because they had to pause the shooting and wait until one of the casts has completed shooting with another movie. And tarvata kuda we are not sure why the movie changed with so many release dates. Hoping this date is sure!

5. Bahubali5bahubaliTotal Duration : 2 years
Ee matram undali antha graphics, antha physical transformation of the cast, all the locations. Waiting for part-2 and the answer to our unsolved mystery!

6. Khaleja6khalejaTotal duration: 3 years
Trivikram took a lot of time to finish the script ani talku! Mahesh career lo intha pedda movie leni gap ide I think.