Telugu movies that you should watch right away!


Telugu cinema comprises of commercially hit, critics hit, average, ideological movies etc., There are many movies that have gained success commercially and near critics too. There are certain movies that have hit the critics real good but have not been able to make it up commercially.

1. Mayabazaar1must-watch-telugu-moviesThis is a 1957 movie. The story revolves around the characters in the Hindu Epic “The Mahabharata” and is set in Dwaraka, the hometown of Lord Krishna (NTR). It revolves around a cute love story of Hindu mythological characters. NTR, ANR, Savitri are the lead roles in the movie.

2. Sagara Sangamam2must-watch-telugu-moviesThis is an Indian musical classic film released in 1983. It is a must watch for all music lovers, especially classical music. This movie is about A Tale of Struggles of a classical dancer Balakrishna (Kamal Haasan) and his eventual redemption.

3. Shiva3must-watch-telugu-moviesIt is a phenomenal movie released in 1989 directed by RGV. It is an Indian Telugu crime drama film. The film’s basic plot, adapted from Bruce Lee’s Way of the Dragon (1972), revolves around the conflict between college student-turned-gangster Siva and Bhavani, a reputed crime boss mentored by the politician Machiraju. Siva explores the concepts of student exploitation by anti-social elements and the impact of crowd psychology.

4. Aditya 3694must-watch-telugu-moviesThis is one movie which no one can remove off their memory cards. It was released in 1991, A group of children use a time machine to investigate a robbery. The protagonist couple, in their attempt to rescue the kids, get stuck in the machine and travel all the way back to the period of the ruler Krishnadevaraya (1500 A.D.) as well as into the future (2500 A.D.), facing sticky situations along the way.

5. Guna5must-watch-telugu-moviesIt is romantic drama released in 1991. “Kammani ee Prema Lekha”. Who doesn’t know this b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l song? This movie is about a mentally challenged man who assumes a fictitious character Abhirami to be an angel who is going to marry him which leads him to kidnap a rich girl assuming her to be his angel. The girl initially hates him but later finds herself falling in love with him after understanding his situation
The film’s plot is inspired from Spanish dark romantic film “Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!”

6. Aithe6must-watch-telugu-moviesThis is a 2003 Telugu thriller movie. The film deals with underworld criminal nexus, and hijacking.

7. Gamyam7must-watch-telugu-moviesIt is a Telugu road drama film released in 2008. The plot is about two guys, one a thief and the other filthy rich meet each other in a journey started by the latter in search of his love. This journey helps in learn the value of life and the existence and importance of things beyond money.

8. Prasthanam8must-watch-telugu-moviesIt is a crime drama and a thriller film released in 2010. It is about a clash between two children, where the antagonist happens to be the son and the protagonist is the step-son, of a politician who has a deep secret hidden inside.

9. Vedam9must-watch-telugu-moviesIt is an Indian Telugu language drama released in 2010. The plot revolves around 5 people who live in different sectors in the society and come under a roof that is inhabited by a terrorist gang.

10. Pilla Zamindar10must-watch-telugu-moviesIt is a Telugu language comedy and classic drama film released in 2011. The movie revolves around the protagonist who is the grandson of a very rich man. At the age of 21, according to the will, when he is ready to inherit the entire property, the man realizes that he has to study in a village inherited college and has to complete certain tasks to inherit the property. In this journey he learns truth about his parents, about life, about friends and love.

11. Eega11must-watch-telugu-moviesEega is an Indian bilingual fantasy film released in 2012. The narrative of Eega is in the form of a bedtime story told by a father to his daughter. Its protagonist is Nani, who is in love with his neighbour. Nani is murdered by a wealthy businessman who is attracted to the same girl the hero is in love with. Nani reincarnates as a housefly and tries to protect Bindu while avenging his death.

12. Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju12must-watch-telugu-moviesThis is an old age romantic love story released in 2015. This is about a love story that will let you travel many years back and experience a love story with no boundaries and no expectations.

13. Bahubali-The Beginning13must-watch-telugu-moviesBahubali is a 2015 Indian epic historical fiction film. This movie revolves around a man, Shiva, who is always looking forward to climb a waterfall. On an attempt, he successfully climbs it and meets the lady love for whom he gets into the kingdom to release a lady from being tied to bars. In this process he learns in past and about his parents and about the man who killed his father! Watch this movie for some breathtaking special effects and characterizations given.

14. Oopiri14must-watch-telugu-moviesIt is a 2016 Indian bilingual comedy-drama film. The plot is about a quadriplegic Billionarie and an ex-convict care taker. The movie talks about how relationships are important and thay life is valuable and money is always after love and people.

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