Telugu type cast actors who are brilliant anyways


Kondaru stars are extremely talented but are seen in certain kind of roles in each movie. Oka cop laaga, oka drunkard laaga, oka comedian laaga, oka friend laaga…or many more. Here are a few stars that that have got restricted for these roles

1. Brahmanandam – a brilliant comedian or sometimes a person who completes blank spaces to elongate the length of the story. He has also played roles of a protagonist.Cast Actors

2. Fish Venkat – the leader or member of the villain’s goons gang. He chants his famous dialogue, “Anna Ramtundu”.Cast Actors

3. Praveen – After his debut in Kotha Bangaaru Lokam, he got restricted for roles of hero’s jigiri dosth!Cast Actors

4. Srinu Siddappa – the angry leader of every group who sends the whole of this group to attack the hero with lot of rage and last lo andarni kottinaka he is the one who gets scared.Cast Actors

5. Taagubothu Ramesh – taagadam nijanga cheyyakapoina kuda, acting superb ga iragateeshnanduku, he got typecasted with this role. And prati movie lo he has bit/bits where he is extremely drunk.Cast Actors

6. Saptagiri – the friend in every group is makes everyone laugh by being utter foolish.Cast Actors

7. Srinivas Reddy – the hero’s jaan ka tukra!Cast Actors

8. Richa Gangopadhyay – the heroine who is latter ‘bisketed’ and probably in few she was the main female protagonist. She acts amazing but has sadly got typecast.Cast Actors

9. Parvati Lokesh – the most innocent’est amma!Cast Actors

10. Ashish Vidyarthi – the bad cop and the angry villain.Cast Actors

11. Ajay – the loyal friend for either the hero or the villain.Cast Actors

12. Karuna – the actors/actresses friend or sister.Cast Actors