The ‘First’ time in Telugu Cinema


‘Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference’.

These iconic lines by Robert Frost celebrate bravery and vision. It is easy to succeed in the path already charted out by others. But to put your time, effort and money in a pioneering technology, trend, or phenomenon requires nerves of steel.

Since cinema, unlike painting and dance, is more dependent on technology, the pioneers were actually pushing the boundaries of cinema in their own way.

In this article, we look at visionary directors who brought in new trends in Telugu cinema, all part of staple Telugu cinema today.

First Telugu film to be screened at an International Film Festival – Malliswari1-Malliswari
First Eastman Colour film – Amarashilpi Jakkanna2-Amarashilpi-Jakkanna
First Cinemascope film – Alluri Sitaramaraju3-Alluri-Sitaramaraju
First 70MM film – Simhasanam4-Simhasanam
First DTS film – Telugu Veera Levara5- Telugu Veera Telugu Veera Levaa Telugu Veera Levara
First Telugu Cowboy Movie – Mosagallaku Mosagadu6-Mosagallaku-Mosagadu
First Telugu Sci-fi movie – Aditya 3697-Aditya-369
First High CGI film – Ammoru8-Ammoru
First Disney Collaboration – Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu9-Anaganaga-Oka-Dheerudu
First Dual Role in Telugu – Iddaru Mitrulu, 1961.10-Iddaru-Mitrulu,-1961
First Telugu Film to Collect 10Cr – Gharana Mogudu11-Gharana-Mogudu
First massive Game Changer in Telugu Cinema – Siva12-Gharana-Mogudu
First Mega Budget Movie – Baahubali14-Gharana-Mogudu

Did we miss out any trend-setting films in our list? Please let us know