The ladies of Baahubali and a little dig into their dressing in the film


Prashanthi Tipirneni and Rama Rajamouli have contributed a major portion in the film by giving the character the right look which enhanced the plot! Here is a little dig into their outfits.

For Tamannah in Dheevara :1.1-Tamannah-in-the-warrior-look

She was introduced as an angel coming out of imagination. They used almost 25 metres of cloth for one single lehenga and a lot of layers were created to form that float, light weight, tabby, silk lehenga.
For shooting sake, they had to create more than one piece since the dress would keep getting dirty!

Tamannah in the warrior look:1-Tamannah-in-the-warrior-look

She for a longer time n the first part and a very little time in the second part played the role of a warrior. To accommodate the character, she was given a dhoti and a leather armour for her torso. The leather had to be specially designed to look tough yet be malleable enough to not crumble and crack under the pressure of so many movements. So for malleability, they lined it with rubber.

For Devasena, Kuntala Rajyam and Sivagami:

Prashanthi and Rama have worked real hard in researching and then giving the perfect output. They found their inspiration for costumes from the Amar Chitra Katha and Chandamama books. Apart from this, one of main inspirations for these ladies, were the paintings of Raja Ravi Varma. The grace and ethereal quality he depicts his women with in his canvas, was what we wanted to give our heroines. So the sari drapes especially were inspired by his paintings.

Sivagami is a powerful lady and has the capability to rule millions. She is also very inclined to justice and can be ruthless to the once who commit crimes. Her character trait is extremely strong and intense throughout the film, in both the parts. To compliment her attitude, her dressing was simple Uppada and silk sarees of 9 metres length but the game was in the draping and the colours used!3-Sivagami

Devasena is a royal princess who is an ardent lover of fine arts. Hence, her clothes were designed with extreme delicacy and had a lot of floral patterns to reflect her style and character. Prashanti chose a variety of Uppada silk and got saris of 11 to 13 yards woven.anushka devasena

They didn’t want to use too many colour blends since a lot of combinations and shades have up centuries later and the movie was going in a historic run. They relied on raw colours from vegetable dyes, colours like hibiscus reds, deep pinks from roses, turmeric yellows and emerald greens

They have also taken a few hairstyles inspiring from Amar Chitra Katha and Chandamama books and others were completely new and experimented!