Things a Girl goes through while her Sister is getting Married


Akka pelli set ayinapudu there are a series of emotions we feel, some happy and sad. While you are happy that she is gonna enter a new phase of life, you are sad that inka you wont get to spend time like you used to before. Here are thing you feels when akka is getting married.

The room is all minesisterAkka vellipoyaka no more room sharing. Ippudununchi I’m the queen of the room!

So are her clothes yayyyysisterAkka elago anni battalu theeskapodhu kaabatti inka all of her nice clothes are mine. No more clothes sharing.

Its shopping timesisterInni functions untaayi kaabatti minimum oka 5 new outfits konaali, inka outfits toh matching footwear inka ccesories kuda konali. Nothing is better than wedding shopping!

Need to start practicing for SangeetsisterSince I’m the sister of the bride, andharu nanne chusthuntaaru kaabatti my sangeet performance should be the best.

I will be mom’s & dad’s favoritesisterInka akka intlo undadhu kaabatti amma inka naana di full attention dhorukuthundhi. I’m gonna be their new & only favourite.

Shit! Who’s going to pick my outfitssisterAll of that is fine kaani, bhayatiki velthunapudu em dress vesukovali ani evaru select chestharu? Akka unte thane chesedhi.

She won’t have time for mesisterAkka ku kottha intlo full responsibilities perguthaayi! Thanaku naa kosamu inka time undadhu ☹

Damn! It’s my turn now8 - my turnNow that akka is married, andharu relatives pelli-pelli ani na venta padthaaru. Oh damn!