10 ‘Navvalo – Yedavaalo Teliyani’ Things That Are Happening Around Us


2020 has been the worst year so far, from everlasting corona to the great Indian economy crash we have seen it all. In this deep array of abyss there are glimpses of hope that make us believe it will get better if we hold onto it. So we present you all the worst & positive things happening in India at this point of juncture. So, take a look 👇

1) India became the first country in the world to report 80,000 Covid-19 cases in one day.

12) As administration in Andhra Pradesh fails to construct a road for tribals. Tribal villagers took matter to their own hands, they sold their assets to collect money and successfully constructed a road all on their own

23) According to CMEI, India had the highest ever unemployment rate of 27.1% in May, this year, leaving some 121.5 million Indians out of jobs..

34) Due to lockdown, Yamuna river experiences more levels of dissolved oxygen .

45) Indian economy’s biggest crash in 40 years. India’s GDP contracted by 23.9% in the first quarter of 2020..

56) 22,000 girl students to get scooties in Assam

67) Domestic violence complaints in India were at a 10-year high during the COVID-19 lockdown..

78) Two kids put band-aids on an injured puppy, are called ‘Kings Of India’ by the internet

89) A 62-year-old Muthu Murugan has
planted half-acre of his land with sorghum and millets for birds to feed on. He dedicated his entire half-acre of his land to birds.

910) Wearing PPE kits, doctors belonging to Krishna Hospital in Kakkinje, Belthangady Taluk in Dakshina Kannada trekked their way to remote villages as the terrain makes it difficult for the ambulance to reach the locations.