#AmPrettyTough : This Dabur Gulabari Ad Has An Interesting Question On Looking Tough


By Siddharth Naidu

The latest Ad for Dabur Gulabari has a very interesting twist to the way judge people by their looks. It features Jaahnavi Sriperambuduru, the world’s youngest and the first Asian to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Here is how it goes – A group of women decide to run a brave social experiment. They hand out some placards to a group of unassuming volunteers. A picture of a woman is shown on the screen, and they are asked to answer what her hobbies could possible be. The placards, as it were, contain their options, and one by one each of them pick what they think could be the right answer. What happens next is something totally unexpected. Watch the video and you’ll know why it speaks out to us in a way that nothing else will.


Here it is.