Travelling in RTC buses is fun!


Pedda car lo tiragadam is so much fun. Travelling in an RTC bus is even more fun! Such travelers will surely relate to this.

1. RTC buses can accommodate a lot of people at ones! So bus full avvadam is not a question. Ee bus kakapothe vere bus anthe.rtc bus

2. Bus travelling is cheaper. Little money tho entha long distance aina travel cheyyochu.rtc bus

3. Bus journey lo kotta people ni kalvadam is awesome. Evaro kuda teliyadu kani chaala share cheskovachu.rtc bus

4. Bus kosam wait cheyyadam might be irritating but aa waiting time lo if we meet someone new and interesting, it is so much fun!rtc bus

5. You become athletes without any training. Bus running lo ekkalante run cheyyali kada!rtc bus

6. Standing in the bus in bumpy roads is crazy!!!!!1 - bumpy Road

7. Bus lo kurchoni travel chese time lo you get addicted to a lot of games on your mobile.rtc bus

8. Novels reading alvaatu kani vaallu, bus lo alvaatu cheskovochu.rtc bus

9. Listening to songs window side seat lo kurchoni is the best possible thing.2- ear phones

10. Pass and wallet marchipoinapudu we make some weird faces!10 - standing

11. Change is inevitable! Bus conductor daggara change undadu. Ticket venaka note matram ipatki oka 10,000 authadi 😛11 - chilar