Here Is The Recipe Of Oreo Pudding


Oreo biscuits andhariki chaala ishtam, favourite biscuits from a while for most of us, Oreo pudding kuda chaala tasty ga untundi, so different ga oreo biscuits tho ee pudding definite ga try cheyandi.oreoIngredients:oreo Cream cheese, room temperature
Cup of powdered sugar
Teaspoon vanilla
Cool WhiporeoOreo biscuits, crushed into chunks

Instant vanilla puddingoreoRecipe of oreo Pudding :
In a large bowl lo cream cheese, butter and sugar electric mixer lo mix cheyandioreoMilk, vanilla and pudding mix ni add cheyandi
Baaga mix cheyandi
Cool Whip lo fold cheyandi
Oka large bowl lo biscuits petandi6 Oreo pudding RecipeLayers ga spread cheyandi
Biscuit crumbs tho top cheyandi
Cover and refrigerate 8 hours or overnight.7 Oreo pudding Recipe

Mee very tasty and easy oreo pudding ready!!