Types of girls you are bound to come across in a girl’s college..!


When you enter in a girls college, you will find just girls around, obviously, but look at them closely and you will find distinctions among them. These are just some categories that we have.

The Gossip QueensgirlsThese girls are a part of every group in class! So whatever news is there in class, she’ll be the first one to know about it! And if she’s a real part of your group, then you are gonna be up-to-date with all the gossip in class!

Mean GirlsgirlsYes, it’s not only from a movie; there are rude girls in college. These girls just don’t have any sense of respect for people other than those who they just feel like having respect for, which rarely extends to anybody beyond their group.

The Reserved TypegirlsThese girls will not speak unless spoken to, literally. You will have to pry out stuff from them, they decide not to talk. But trust me in this, when she speaks what she says will have you reacting like this, “ Yaar kya Sahi bolti hai yeh!”

The Studious OnegirlsThese girls are not gonna be roaming on campus. You’ll find them only in the library. Ask her if she wants to go to the canteen, she’ll say no. Ask her if she wants to hang out after college and she’ll just give you a look which will make you shut up.

The ChatterboxgirlsShe’s the one who’s gonna keep talking non-stop! Whether there’s a class going on or it’s a break, she won’t realize. Coz she’s gonna keep telling you about everything that is happening under the sun!

The BimbogirlsYes, they do exist, and not only in books or movies. You have to explain stuff to her and trust me, you will be repeating stuff, multiple times, and at a slower speed than normal.

The Perfect PackagegirlsThe girls which have the perfect everything, commonly known as the ‘beauty of brains’, she is the perfect girl all girls wish to be like. This beauty with brains, though not very common is one girl who has to be kept forever!

The Bunking Type8 - bunk typeNow, this is that type of girl, whose name is on every shortage list throughout your college life. That girl whom you look at and wonder if she walked in the wrong class. Nevertheless, she made class interesting, in her presence and absence both!

The Zoned Out Type9 - zooned typeShe’s that girl who has no clue as to what’s going on in class; never has, never will! It’s fun when she’s picked on by the teacher though! Makes up for some entertainment!

So there you go! Just some types of girls that have been jotted down. Having said that it is very much possible that one girl can fall in more than one category or none at all! Coz I truly believe, each girl is her own type, with her own weird talents and idiosyncrasies, which is what makes us girls interesting, right!