Watch this unique attempt of legendary A.R.Rahman’s Song!


A.R.Rahman chesina one of the best albums, ‘Bharatheeyudu’. Shankar and Kamal Hassan combination lo corruption backdrop meedhaochinaee thriller aah year lo biggest blockbuster. 1996 lo release ayinakudaaah movie ippatiki relatable. Freedom Fighter ga and corrupt government officer laga Kamal chesina dual roles ever legendary. Inka aah movie music aytheeppatiki chartbusters ae. Okko song okkoka style lo compose chesi, Rahman thana versatility chupincharu. Especially ‘PachchaniChilukalu’ song, aah album lo much underrated composition. Freedom Fighter Senapathy family and valla life ni showcase chesthuundeeepaata nostalgic feels isthundhi.

Bhuvanachandra philosophical lyric ki legendary singer K.J.Yesudasgari deep vocals eepaatakichalaa impact theskochindi. Simple and subtle instrumentation thoA.R.Rahman thana uniqueness nimalli prove chesukunnaru. Aah memorable song ni Whistle meedha cover chesaruKarraSesha Sai. Self-proclaimed Rahman fan ayinaSesha Sai, beautiful village backdrop lo whistle meedha ‘PachaniChilukalu’ perform chesaru. Inthakashtamaina song ni breath tho control cheyatam is absolutely tough. Whistle song is a dying art. So watch this unique attempt and support this rare talent.

Watch the video here: