Vidya’s First Telugu Mashup Is Up And She Is Enchanting As Ever


If you got addicted to YouTube about five year back, then you should have come across the Iyer sisters on Shanker Tucker’s Shruthi Box for sure. After a Gap of few years, on of the sister, Vidya came out with her mashups and revived more magic with her blue streaked hair with a more enticing voice covering all the famous tracks from Lean on to Love me like you do. Now there is some great news for the Telugu fans of Vidya Iyer.

Upon getting many requests to cover the song Pachandaname from Sakhi, Vidya this time has come up with a mash up of Rihanna’s Work and Rahman’s Telugu melody, Pachandaname. The song features the famous Shanker Tucker and Jomy George. You are definitely going to listen to this on loop!

Sharing the video on Facebook she said ‘My first Telugu mashup! I’ve gotten soooo many requests for this song, so I had to cover it! I thought “Sakhiya Cheliya” went well and gave it a different twist by mashing it up with Rihanna’s “Work.” Huge thanks to my favorites Shankar Tucker & Jomy George Music. Also, thanks to Kamini Pamela Avril for letting us shoot in your studio. The gown was in collaboration with India Boulevard, thank you Akta! Happy listening!’

Here you go!

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