What Is Plant Based Meat & Here’s A List of 8 Plant Based Meat Companies In India

Plant Based Meat? – Idi ee madhya manam news lo, ads dwara and…social media lo campaigns dwara ekkuvaga vintunnam, chustunnam. Starting lo nenu idi vini Plants nundi meat ostundi emo anukunna. Almost alantidhe kani…. adi meat kadu, meat la unde meat anta kani meat kadu ani konchem research chesthe telisindhi ante…

What Is Plant Based Meat?

Plant-based meat is nothing but food items that are made by plants and look, feel and taste exactly like meat (chicken, mutton & sea food). Animals ni champi tinadam ane concept ki against ga puttinde ee Plant based meat concept. Vegetarian foods like soy, mushroom, wheat gluten, and beans tho plants ni cultivate chesi ee plant based meat ni prepare chestharu.

Ila chesina Plant-Based meat almost manam tine (chicken, mutton & sea food) laane untayi but pure vegetarian. Ee Plant based meats ki ippudu food industry lo oka revolution aindi. Vegans by birth and animal cruelty ki against ga vegan ga maarina kondaru ippudu ee Plant Based meat culture ni adopt chesukovadame kadu…andariki idi tinamani…vegan ga maramani encourage chestunnaru.

Ippudu ippude start avtunna plant based meat culture…food industry lo oka revolution avtundi antunnaru. Mari India lo Plant based meat available undha ante…enduku ledu 8 Plant Based Meat Companies In India, customers ki some tasty plant based meat varieties ni online apps dwara deliver chestunnayi avento once chuseyandi.

1. Imagine By Genelia & Ritesh Deshmukh


2. Blue Tribe By Virat Kohli & Anushka


3. Greenest


4. Oziva By Deepika Padukone As Endorser


5. Good Dot


6. Mister Veg


7. Vezlay


8. Evo Foods



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