What Is ZIKA Virus? Symptoms, Treatment and Everything You Need To Know About ZIKA Virus


By Vaidehi Rawool

With the ongoing scare of malaria and dengue and many other fast-spreading disease, our world today faces a potential threat to the health of its inhabitants.

The newest scare on the block is about this Zika virus which is considered to be spread by the bite of an infected Aedes Mosquito which acts as its vector. This same breed of mosquito is also known to spread dengue

Although symptoms of this disease are seemingly benign as the patient might have a mild fever, a body rash, body ache and so on which are very much alike to those of Dengue and Chikungunya.

This virus has started spreading rapidly through Latin American countries and a lot of people fear the spread of the same through the tourist who travel from country to country.

The most harrowing fact about this disease is the fact that it is somehow related to microcephaly, which is a birth disorder having fatal consequences and leading to deformities and development anomalies. In Latin America, the pregnant woman infected with this virus are facing severe problems, with babies being born with disproportionate heads.

In the light of these gruesome and potentially dangerous connections to this virus, the WHO has increasingly taken stringent measures for avoiding the same. Also the fact that this disease could come to India through the influx of travellers or the mosquito itself is seen as a possibility and necessary measures are being taken for the same. There aren’t any known vaccinations or cures of this disease as barely 20% of the affected people have shown symptoms.

Here is everything you need to know about this virus

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