Why is Lord Shiva covered in Vibhudhi?


Lord Shiva is the one who cannot ever be destroyed. He is extremely simple and yet mysterious. Everything he does is for the betterment of the earth. But there is one thing definitely a question to all of us. Lord Shiva is always scene in a roop where he is covered with Vibhudhi. His way of living, eating and dressing is very different from other gods.1Vibhudhi

Such a great lord with such modesty in everything. He only strives to spread wisdom and happiness and is never seen in lavish attires full of gold and clothing. He is always covered in Vibhudhi. Vibhudhi is also a part of clothing of saints. Aghori’s, sadhus and sanyasi’s put Vibhudhies on their bodies. Vibhudhi when applied on body closes all pores of the skin. Also after applying it on body, one does not feel hot in summers and cold in winters. It also cures skin infections.2Vibhudhi

Lord Shiva wearing Vibhudhi symbolizes that human should learn to change himself as the time changes. He also wanted us to understand that being indifferent towards materialistic things will make us understand the cycle of life3Vibhudhi