9 Reasons why you should drink warm water with lime and honey in the morning


Water, lime and honey are three amazingly magical ingredients that help us curing our metabolism and also our skin. Aa ingredients individual ga ne antha buante…together they are the best you can ever have.

Here are a few reasons why you should have it on an empty stomach every morning.

1. Helps you lose weight.1.-Helps-you-lose-weight
2. Treats constipation2.-Treats-constipation
3. Improves digestion3.-Improves-digestion
4. Cleanses the intestines of toxins.4.-Cleanses-the-intestines
5. Improves your energy levels.5.-Improves-your-energy-levels.
6. Gives you a glowing skin6.-Gives-you-a-glowing-skin
7. It is a natural relaxation drink and uplifts your mood.7.-It-is-a-natural-relaxation-drink-and-uplifts-your-mood.
8. Improves immunity8-Improves-immunity
9. Makes you get rid of skin problems9-Makes-you-get-rid-of-skin-problems