Railway Budget Is Out…And The Most Concise Report Is Here..!!


The Railway Budget is out, and We at Wirally scrolled through all of the matter to bring to you the things that you need to take away from this years passenger friendly budget. Everything you needed to know about the budget in one line. So here we go…


111 * Budget reflects aspirations of the entire railway family
* Rail Budget reflects aspiration of all
* Core objective is to improve individual experience
* Rail Budget is the vision of PM Modi
* Making all efforts to turn PM’s vision into reality
* Railways facing headwinds on tepid economic growth
* Railways have stood the test of time
* Need to overhaul Railways’ work culture
* Need to bring in new approach
* Will lay out three pillars of strategy
* Looking at new areas for generating revenues
* Need to reorganise, rejuvenate, restructure railways
* Railways facing headwinds from 7th pay panel burden
* Will engage with global agencies for funds
* Absolute deductions planned in expenses such as diesel
* Have significantly reduced cost of power procurement
* Will revisit all rules, structures to overhaul railways
* To improve procurement practises at par with international norms
* New revenues through changes in freight policies
* Punctuality has gone up to almost 95%
* To include implementation reports in Budget
* Carry 23 mln passengers every day
* Special teams to screen railway operations
* To introduce 33% quota for women passengers

* FY17 investment seen at 1.21 trln rupees
* Investment rate of capex has increased substantially
* FY17 capital expenditure seen 1.2 trln rupees
* FY17 revenue seen 1.84 trln rupees
* Capex to grow exponentially
* Ramped up capex in FY17
* FY17 operating ratio seen 92%
* Increasing rigour on cost optimisation in FY17
* Freight’s contribution to earnings seen 67%
* FY17 gross budgetary support seen 400 bln rupees
* 44 new projects planned FY17 worth 927 bln rupees

* 87.2 bln rupees saved from last year budget estimate
* FY16 operating ratio seen 90%
* FY16 loss from subsidising passenger fares seen 300 bln rupee
* Saving from previous Budget estimates 787 bln rupees


model-coach-of-indian-railway_45fae9b4-b84a-11e5-a7d6-da9f15ff8fbb * To be at forefront of infrastructure growth
* Railways will be at forefront of infra growth
* To generate employment for 90 mln man days by FY18
* To commission broad gauge lines at 7 km/day FY17
* FY17 track commissioning aim 2,800 km
* Aim to have zero direct discharge of human waste by 2020
* Reserved accommodation to be available on demand by 2020
* Aim 80 km/hour avg speed of express train by 2020
* Freight speed seen at 50 km/hr by 2020
* To eliminate all unmanned level crossings by 2020
* Taken action on 139 Budget announcements made last year
* To run semi high-speed trains on Golden Quadrilateral by 2020
* Action initiated on 139 FY16 Rail Budget announcements
* To meet reservation on demand by 2020
* Will take a zero-based budgeting approach
* To take zero-base budgetary approach for freight
* To conduct recruitment online
* To set up Margao, Hazira ports FY17 via PPP
* To spend 8.5 trln rupees over 5 yrs to modernise rail infra
* To hasten electrification of railways working with Power Ministry
* To build more dedicated freight corridors
* To up FY17 allocation for electrification by 50%
* To generate employment of 140 mln man-days in 2018-19
* 65,000 additional berths generated in FY16
* Taken steps to significantly improve svcs for rail passengers
* Dedicated IVRS system receiving over mln feedback calls daily
* Set up mechanism to get direct feedback from customers
* Responsiveness to customer needs touched new heights this year
* Initiated IT-based internal audit
* Signed MoUs with some zonal railways
* To move to contract award system online in FY17
* Social media being used as a tool to bring transparency
* Mission to ensure transparent bidding process
* To set up 2 loco units with 480 bln rupee invest
* To set up new loco units with order book of 400 bln rupees
* Aim to have 100 WiFi-enabled stations this yr, 400 in next 3 years
* To redevelop stations by different models
* Finalised 2 locomotive factories bids under ‘Make In India’
* E-ticket capacity 7,000 tickets/minute now vs 2,000 earlier
* Introduced 1,780 automatic ticket vending machines
* Initiated capacity augmentation on some busy routes
* Developed application to maintain centralised land data
* To open cashless ticketing facilities for foreigners in 3 mos
* To introduce tickets with bar codes
* To introduce bar-coded tickets
* To start track management system under Digital India
* To introduce bar-coding of tickets at major stations
* To allow cancellation of tickets via call on 139


112323 * Plan to electrify 2,000 km track in FY17
* Track laying to be at 13km/day in FY18, 19km/day in FY19
* North-South dedicated freight corridors in Delhi-Chennai
* Plan Kharagpur-Vijayawada freight corridor
* Plan Mumbai-Kharagpur freight corridor
* Decongestion on Jalandhar-Jammu line going on
* To put 3 freight corridor projects on high priority
* Mizoram, Manipur to come under broad gauge network soon
* To launch long distance fully unreserved Antyodaya trains
* To have more unreserved passenger coaches
* Proposed dedicated freight corridor for east-west, east coast
* Proposed dedicated freight corridors for north-south
* Overnight double-decker trains named ‘Uday trains’
* Overnight double-decker trains for better access on busy line

* Will scout overseas for rupee bonds
* To scout international markets for rupee bonds

* Secured funding from LIC at favourable terms
* Bankable projects assured of funding now
* LIC to invest 1.5 trln rupees over 5 years
* 1 rupee invest in rail can impact economic output by factor of 5
* In partnership with SAIL, NTPC, coal ministry on funding
* Signed MoUs with 6 states for JVs
* Got expressions from 17 states to form JVs
* MoUs with zonal railways for quantifying performance
* Forming JV with states for local rail projects
* Availing multilateral financing for station development
* Cabinet approved redevelopment of 400 stations via PPP model
* Bidding process in advanced stage to redevelop 4 stations
* To undertake bidding to redevelop some big stations next year
* Bankable railway projects to be completed in 3-4 years


1212 * To raise quota of lower berth for women, senior citizens
* To build additional toilets in 475 stations before FY16 end
* Aim 17,000 bio-toilets before FY16 end
* Initiated audit for punctuality of passenger trains
* Disposable bed rolls at all stations for all classes
* 311 railway stations currently under CCTV surveillance
* All stations to have CCTV surveillance in phased manner
* Anti-falling measures in suburban coaches
* To eliminate accidents by adopting latest technology
* Entered into R&D pacts with Korea, Japan to improve ops
* All railway stations to be under CCTV surveillance in phases
* Supporting 120,000 concurrent users now vs 40,000 earlier
* Installed CCTV cameras at 311 stations
* To introduce ‘Deen Dayalu’ coaches
* Every customer a brand ambassador for railways
* To upgrade Baroda rail institute to full fledged university
* Working on implementing Kakodkar panel report on safety
* To have Hamsafar, Tejas, Uday coaches for reserved passengers
* Tajas speed to be 130 km/hour
* Deen Dayalu coaches for unreserved passengers for long travel
* To add 2 or 4 more unreserved coaches in long distance trains
* New catering policy for multipurpose stalls at stations
* To extend e-catering services to all 408 A1, A2 stations
* IRCTC to introduce local cuisines available on demand
* To make local cuisine available on demand on trains
* IRCTC to unbundle catering services
* Set up Swachh Rail waste aggregation and recycling centre
* To install 30,000 bio-toilets at stations
* To start Clean-My-Coach service on pan-India basis
* To introduce CCTV coverage at all Tatkal counters
* Children’s menu, baby foods, baby boards to be made available for travelling mothers.
* GPS-based digital display in coaches for showing upcoming stations.

Hope the figures stated in Railway Budget 2016 materialise into bettering one of the biggest networks of Public transport in the world.

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