13 Weird Phobias That People Have Which Will Blow Your Mind..!!

By Ritika Chhabria
A lot of people have a lot of phobias; some of them are very irrational. People have the phobia of numbers (Nomophobia), the number 666(Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia) specifically, phobia of hair(Chaetophobia), Fear of garlic(Alliumphobia) and many more. Here is a list of just 13 weird phobias.

Oikophobia-Fear Of Home

It means the fear of the home surroundings or the home appliances. How do people with this phobia survive?
Imagine living without a laptop, T.V., refrigerator and every other household appliance you own.

Omphalophobia-Fear Of Belly Buttons

2 (1)
This is the Fear of belly buttons. Some people feel nauseated just by seeing or touching a belly button.

Phobophobia- Fear Of Having A Phobia

giphy (2)
This one is more ironic than weird. It’s the phobia of having a phobia. Imagine being scared of being scared of something.

Agyrophobia-Fear Of Crossing Streets

giphy (1)
Fear of streets or crossing the street. I really want to know how people with this phobia travel.
Barophobia-Fear Of Gravity

Fear of gravity. If you fear something, you would want to stay away from it. How can people stay away from gravity! Running away from gravity also requires gravity!

Caligynephobia-Fear of beautiful women

6Now this is something new. People generally want to stay in the company of beautiful women. I guess not everybody want the same things!

Clinophobia- Fear of Going to Bed

How do these people sleep! How do they manage to stay fresh and relaxed in life!

Ephebiphobia- Fear Of Teenagers

giphy (3)
Were these people scared of themselves when they were a teenager? And how did they ever attend school if they would be scared of the people in it!

Melophobia- Fear or Hatred Of Music

I for one wouldn’t be able to imagine my life without this!

Pentheraphobia- Fear of Mother-In-Law 

Oh this is a good one! This is exactly the word daughters-in-law were finding for! Mission successful!

Scolionophobia- Fear Of School

I wonder if such people know or are able to read about their phobia.
I wonder how these people move from one place to another!

Anatidaephobia – Fear Of Being Watched By A Duck

Who fears being watched by a duck! And why just a duck? Why not any other animal!

Domatophobia-Fear Of Being Inside Houses

I wonder where people with this phobia live.

Here you go! Oh also! People are scared of the number 13, so people who have triskaidekaphobia wouldn’t even try to read this article! Nevertheless it’s funny knowing the kinds of phobias people have!



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