5 Ways to Make your Mondays Awesome!!

It’s that time of the week again. Just like the countless office goers around the world, with sleepy eyes, crouched eyebrows and childish obstinacy, one gets up on a Monday morning. “I don’t want to go to office,” is what the naive heart cries, while trying to move out from the house, plugging in ear phones, checking social networks and then joining the race, the race of an office goer.

I was on a similar mode today when all of a sudden, I realized that I had something in my bag – “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra, a lovely pocketbook which one can’t help but read. Absentmindedly I had slipped it in my bag, and then in the perfect moment, it reached out to me. As my eyes gulped in the words, my heart swelled up and I realized that with a little bit of effort, I could make my Mondays pretty awesome.

Here’s how:

1. Being Grateful : I am grateful that I have a job, I am grateful that my workplace looks forward to my presence, I am grateful that every Monday, I get a chance to go back to a place which values my individuality, which gives me financial independence and which nurtures my creativity. I am grateful that every Monday marks the beginning of my purposeful visits to a magnificent glass building which nurtures my identity.


2. Smiling more: As a kid, I smiled only when I got photographed. The habit stuck through school and college, it is only at my workplace that my obligation to smile, changed into a habit. I realized that smiling is not just a courtesy, it is much more. There’s a reason while out of the million species, we humans have this quality. A Monday morning is a chance to have a sunshine smile over one’s own face and spread it across. So smile more, and spread it to your peers, seniors, juniors, canteen guys, security personnel and I am sure your week will be bright and happy.

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3. Celebrating Yourself: Within a seed lies the promise of a forest. Within each of us lies the dormant seed of limitless possibilities. A Monday morning marks the process of converting the possibilities into realities. So let’s not hold back ourselves and work according to the goals in the goal sheet. We all have faced numerous hardships in life and Monday is a time when we can look back, pat our back at how we have survived and look forward and plan to thrive and strive for the best.

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4. Letting Go: Life is not easy, it never will be, yet at any given moment, we have a choice. The choice to be happy when we have nothing, or the choice to be miserable when we have everything. A Monday morning is a gentle reminder to let go of unrealistic expectations that make us miserable. It is the acceptance of who we are and loving each bit of it. So this Monday, let go of all burden you have been carrying silently, take a deep breath, spread your wings and soar high in the sky of joy.

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5. Being Present: Each Monday marks a beginning, where we move a week closer to our physical death. In the midst of our travels, work and personal life, we juggle our priorities, set new milestones and build new strategies. Monday after Monday, arrives and we are trapped in a cycle. The only way to break away from it is to take some time off and enjoy the windy weather, munch one’s favorite dish and smile back at one’s reflection in the mirror while getting ready. A Monday is a wave of freshness that makes this journey worthwhile 🙂

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I know, you might think ‘Why does one have to choose a Monday for all this?’ It could be done any day, but thing is, despite no fault of its own, Monday receives our unprecedented hatred and avarice. So let’s show it some love by making it a cherished day, a day we look forward to with happiness and hope.

So, how are you feeling this Monday? 🙂


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