World’s First AI Attorney ” ROSS ” Gets Hired By American Law Firm..!!

By Apekshaa Tickoo

If you’re someone who loves watching movies like ‘Star Wars’, ‘I,Robot’ or ‘Terminator’ and the concept of artificial intelligence leaves you thrilled to pieces, well there is a good news for you! The world of artificial intelligence has moved a step closer to ours!

World’s first DIGITALATTORNEY just got hired by a law firm in The U.S.!

This Artificial Intelligence attorney addressed by the name ‘AI ROSS’ was hired by the law firm Baker and Hostetler for handling its bankruptcy practice. Ross was created by students at University of Toronto using IBM’s Watson technology. The story doesn’t end here, Ross secured second position in IBM’s cognitive computing competition and is all set to contribute to the law industry!Talking about contribution, how does it work? Well, citing the official ROSS site, “Lawyers ask ROSS research questions in natural language, and the AI ROSS ‘reads’ through the law, gathers evidence, draws inferences and returns with a ‘highly relevant’, evidence-based answer.” It is developed on Watson thought engine.

Almost like a law calculator! Oh but unlike a calculator, it gets better with practice and smarter the more lawyers use it.

Though Baker and Hostetler are the first ones to announce the news, according to Andrew Arruda (CEO and co-founder of ROSS) other legal firms have also signed up for itand they might be announcing  the news anytime soon!
Eager to know more about how Watson works? Here is a video!

So, all the law practitioners out there, gear up to ‘object to’ this bot!

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