How Bahubali changed actors for its characters


Bahubali is a very promising movie. It definitely took is quite some time for the sequel to come up before us. But the way it has been shot and the hard work put in by the actors is just unbelievable. They gave a lot of time dedicated to this one picture for it to come out brilliantly perfect.

So here is how the actors changed for the film.

1. Sathyaraj1.-Sathyaraj
2. Rana2.-Rana
3. Prabhas3.-Prabhas
4. Tamannah4.-Tamannah
5. Anushka5-Anushka
6. Prabhakar6.-Prabhakar
7. Nasser7.-Nasser
8. Sudeep8.-Sudeep
9. Ramya Krishna9-ramya-krishna