Crack This Quiz On Iconic Indian Places & Prove Yourself As A Musugu Chaduvu Bidda


Hello Readers…’s time for some fun. Regular articles kakunda oka quiz article tho mee IQ levels check cheddam anukuntunna ? IQ lanti pedda words enduku kani…just for fun assala meeku entha knowledge undi anedi once saradaga ee quiz adesthe oka idea vacchestundhi.

Enduku late adesi….kindha score comment cheseyandi amma !

#1 Rayalaseema lo unna ee place in ‘The Grand Canyon of India’ antaru ?

#2 Kashmir of Andhra Pradesh ani eh place ki peru ?

#3 Guess the place name in the image ?

#4 This Bazaar in Hyderabad famous for bangles …!

#5 Monument name in the image ‘Delhi Gate’ or ‘Gateway of India’ ?

#6 Every year On August 15th, Our Prime Minister Hoist Flag from this place

#7 __________about 400 people died and 1000 people injured during british rule in 1919 ?

#8 Which places are referred to Kashmir of South India & Scotland of India ?

#9 Idi eh mahal edo gurthocchindha ?

#10 Monument which refers to the symbol of Love ?

#11 Bhagyanagaram ani maro peru Hyderabad ki ela vacchind ?

#12 Which Indian City is known as ‘City of Lakes’ ?

#13 Hyderabad City is known as ?

#14 Which Indian city city is known as Pink City ?

#15 Golden City ani eh indian city ni antaru ?