Don’t Call Yourself A True Godvarian If You Score Less Than 8 In This Quiz

Godarollu ante maryada, manchithanam ki maro peru. Ika Godavari districts enduku famous ante pootharekulu, kakinda kaja, Rajahmundry Rose milk, pacchani polalu, chepala cheruvulu ila chalane cheptaru mana godarollu. Kani, ivvi anni kakunda mana Godavari Districts chala vishayalu unnayi….indulo meeku enni telusu?

Indulo meeku em teliyakapothe don’t call yourself a Godavarian. Antha ledu first ento cheppu ani challenge ki ready aipoyara ?

Sare kaniyyandi aithe…!




#1. Godavari River Also Known As _______?

#2. Tanuku Is The Birthplace To One Of The ‘Kavitrayam’

#3. Which Godavari District Is Referred As ‘Rice Bowl Of India’

#4. Durga Cinetone First Telugu Studio Setup In 1936, In Which City

#5. A Tadpole Shaped ‘Hope Island’ Belongs To Which City From Below Options ?

#6. Bhimavaram District Named After …

#7. Atreyapuram – Uppada – Kadiyam These Places Are Famous For. Choose The Correct Option From Below Options

#8. Which Godavari City Is Regarded As ‘Andhra Las Vegas’

#9. Old Godavari Bridge Is Also Known As ‘The Havelock Bridge’ But Why ?

#10. Adduri Rama Chandra Raju An Industrialist From East Godavari Is Founder Of

#11. Road And Rail Length Of Godavari & Kovvur-Rajahmundry Bridge ?

#12. Kakinada Is The Birthplace Of Which Legendary Actress From Following ?

#13. Fertilizer City ?

#14. Andhra Pradesh’s Literature, Culture, Style, Architecture Changed After This Social Reformer’s Influence…Who Hails From Rajahmundry

#15. Bridge Which Is Named As ‘Balayogi Varadhi’ With Respect To 12th Lok Sabha Speaker Late G.M.C Balayogi


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