Take This Poll & Vote For Your Favourite Hero’s Movie In This Decade

2010 nundi 2019 ending vacchesam…ika next 2020 decade loki adugu pedthunnam. Mari ee one decade lo Tollywood standards ni next level ki tiskellina movies konni vasthe konni movies mana PAN India image ni tecchi pettayi. Overall ga ee decade Tollywood audience wide range of content, script oriented movies chala vacchayi.

And indulo mana Tollywood heroes Prabahs, Mahesh Babu, Charan, Tarak nundi Ram, Nikhil and Varun lanti vallu Tollywood heroes antha different movies chesaru. Indulo konni hittu…konni futtu aiyyayi. Indulo kondariki oka movie nacchithey…inkondariki inkonni movies nacchayi.

So….andhuke mee favourite hero movies lo meeku nacchina movie nacchina select chesukune option meeku isthunnam. All you have to do is select anyone one movie from the options and vote for your heroes movie released in between this decade.



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