Over Intake Of These Diet Foods May Increase Your Cholesterol Levels


Manamu healthy ani anukunna food ends up doing more harm than good. Sannaga avvadaaniki blindly diet food follow ayipothamu, but we should always do research on the foods we consume diet kosamu. Here are konni foods evaithe end up making you fat instead of thin.

1.Breakfast cerealfoodsSo called, ‘”healthy cereals” lo chala sugar inka carbs untayi, which make them the worst foods to eat in the morning. Breakfast ki cereal thinte, it will spike your blood sugar and insulin levels.

2.Low fat yogurtfoodsLow fat yogurt lo saturated fat theesesthaaru, which is actually good for our health. Dheenini sugar toh replace chesthaaru which gets our insulin levels soaring and do more harm than good.

3.Whole wheat breadfoodsWhole wheat bread ni actually wheat to cheyaru, adhi just oka marketing technique. Just like white bread, adhi blood sugar levels ni spike chesthundhi inka chala health problems ki contribute chesthundhi.

4.Fruit juices4 DIET FOODS THAT ACTUALLY MAKE YOU FATFruits are healthy, whereas vaatidhi juice chesthe fruits lo unna anni nutrients inka fibers pothayi. Fruit juices consume chesthe we intake massive amounts of sugar with it.

5.Granola5 DIET FOODS THAT ACTUALLY MAKE YOU FATGranola ante oats inka nuts. Kaani manchi taste kosamu oil inka sugar kalipinnapudu it doesn’t remain heathy anymore. Ivvi chala highly processed untayi evaithe mee body ku asalu manchidhi kaadhu.