Do’s and Dont’s To Maintain A Healthy Liver


The liver is one of the most important organs of the body. Unhealthy lifestyle inka alcohol abuse valla liver health pyna chala pressure paduthundi. Yearly min 10 lakh people liver problems inka liver cirrhosis tho badha padutharu. Normal ga liver health issuses hepatitis B inka C tho osthai, kanni recent times lo lifestyle inka food changes valla liver health issues chala increase avuthunia. Normal ga liver issues average age 40-45 unna vallaki osthia kanni eepudu young age vallaki kuda osthundi. Liver ni body lo oka major inka important organ ani antaru, liver body healthy ga inka fit ga undali antey chala important functioning chesthundi. Body lo unna fat ni regulate chesi , carbohydrates, proteins inka essential nutrients ni store chesthundi. Unhealthy lifestyle, fatty diet inka over-consumption of alcohol liver functioning pyna chala pressure peti liver health ni damage chesthai. Ee liver ni healthy ga unchukovali antey konni do’s inka dont’s unnai. Check this article and change your unhealthy lifestyle.liverDo’s :

Add garlic to your diet: livergarlic lo sluphur compounds untai, ee compounds liver enzymes ni activate chesi body lo unna toxins ni flush out chesthundi.
Eat leafy vegetables:liver mee food entha green ga untey me liver antha healthy ga untundi, green leafy vegetables lo cleansing compounds untai ee compounds liver ni cleanse cheyadaniki help chesthai.
Add turmeric to your food: liverpasupu lo unna antibiotic inka healing properties liver ni complete ga clean chesi liver cells ni regenerate cheshundi.


Avoid over salty and sugar foods: liversalty inka sugary foods liver health ni damage chesthai.
Avoid fatty foods: liverFatty inka deep food liver ki panchidi kadhu.
Avoid too much Alcohol: liverfatty liver ki major ga alcohol karanam. Yekuva alcohol valla body ki chala unhealthy. Eedi major liver problems ni increase chesthundi.