Drunk Doctor In Bengaluru Runs Over One, And Injures Six Others..!

In a chilling footage from Bengaluru, a Mercedes crashes into several vehicles before speeding off, leaving a two-wheeler rider dead on the spot. The police say the man driving the car is a surgeon, who was allegedly drunk.

Dr NS Shankar has been arrested and charged for the accident, which took place on Sunday afternoon when his young daughter was also in the car.

Dr Shankar, who is in his fifties, allegedly rammed six vehicles on a busy two-kilometre stretch in south Bengaluru before coming to a stop after hitting the wall of a house. A part of the accident was caught on CCTV camera.

When the car stopped, Dr Shankar was reportedly beaten up before being handed over to the police. He is in hospital.

His maid, who was also in the car, claims he had an epileptic fit. Police sources say he was not smelling of alcohol and his blood report is not out yet.

The doctor’s family claims he was unconscious and when he came to, he saw his car surrounded by angry people.

The Mercedes, believed to be brand new, was wrecked by the repeated crashes.


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