List Of Megastar’s Most Distinguished Roles In His Movie Career!


We all know what a great actor Chiranjeevi garu is! His choice of movies has showcased his versatility. In 150 movies he did till now, he has portrayed various roles. He did some of the common roles like Police officer, Lawyer, Lecturer, Local Rowdy etc but he also took up some very uncommon roles to entertain us! Let’s have a look at them.

1.Snake Charmer – Punnami Naaguchiranjeevi

2.Waiter – Subhalekhachiranjeevi

3.Horse cab driver – Aalaya Sikharamchiranjeevi4.Archeologist – Herochiranjeevi

5.Tarzan – Adavi Dongachiranjeevi

6.Sailor – Vetachiranjeevi

7.Private Detective – Chantabbaichiranjeevi

8.Customs Officer – Chanakya Shapathamchiranjeevi

9.Cobbler – Swayam Krushichiranjeevi

10.Music Teacher – Khaidi No.78610 - music techer

11.Cow Boy – Kodama Simham11 - horse rider

12.Prince – Raja Vikaramarka12 - raja vikramarka

13.Auto Driver – Rowdy Alludu13 - auto

14.Helper/Cowherd – Apadbhandavudu14 - helper

15.Vegetable market worker – Mutamestri15 - mutamestri

16.Rikshaw Driver – Rikshavodu16 - riksha

17.Hunter – Mrugaraju17 - mugaraju

18.Lord Shiva – Sri Manjunatha18 - shivba

19.Army Major, Stalin19 - stalin

Performing such a wide variety of roles undoubtedly deserves the title ‘Mega Star’!!!