Five Things To Do This Summer Which You’ve Been Missing Anytime Else..!!

By Bhargavi Iyer 

Summers are fun when you eliminate the heat factor. Well probably that’s what makes it special. As a child we did enjoy summers. This period was utilized to take classes or pursue a hobby or spend some quality time with our grandparents. Now let’s be honest. We all had made plans for that summer! Which sadly never took place. For better or worse here are five main things that you need to try this summer and make the most out of it.

1. Flaunt Your Body
giphy (1)If you’ve wanted to wear that swimsuit or bikini with a perfect body, let me tell you my friend a perfect body is not all what you need. In fact it is a healthy one that you need. Flaunt it. It’s your body and no one has it like yours! Be proud of your skin and rock that clothing with all grace.

2. Organize A Party
giphy (2)Summers are the best for evening parties. And these parties make up for meeting your old friends, having a reunion that you’ve always wanted to have. It’s simple and fun. Might as well arrange a pool party and throw in loads of your friends and family.

3. Go To A Theme Park
giphy (3)This is the time of the year that theme parks get all the more exciting with loads of new rides. And moreover you’ll have the company of fellow mates who’ll check into the park.

4. Do That Thing You’ve Always Wanted To
giphy (4)All of us have fantasies regarding our travel, or learning something new. Be it a language or dancing or cooking or swimming. We make a list and at times let’s say due to our schedule we haven’t been following that lately. Well, now is the time to lift that ass, pack up your bags and enjoy yourself. Make that journey, that learning experience always memorable. And remember to have fun.

5. Go Skinny Dipping
giphy (5)Oh boy! Summers stand as a best excuse to stay out late and use the pool. So why not go a step further and try skinny dipping with your mates and whilst doing that make sure that you don’t get caught in the act. :p


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