Good News, Ladies! Mumbai To Get Pink Autos Driven By Women

Pink Auto Drivers in mumbai

If you have travelled in autos in Mumbai, you’ll know it can be quite the headache. However, the Mumbai authorities have decided to end the problem once and for all by introducing pink autos that are meant for women passengers only.

The autos will be driven by women only, and if this scheme pulls off, it will be a huge shot in the arm for the women in India’s busiest metro. Public transport has been a problem in Indian urban cities, as even cabs have been unsafe for women in Delhi in the past.

In a first, 543 women were allotted licenses to run the Pink Autos through a lottery process. According to reports in newspapers like The Times of India, these autos are being run to cater to women passengers, and can be identified by their distinct colour – pink, or light orange. A further thousand more licenses are pending to be allotted, according to a source.

The Pink Autos have been tried out in other cities previously, but it’s the first time it is going to be implemented in Mumbai. If you are a woman in Mumbai, please do use the service and let us know how it is for us here at Wirally. We would love to do a review of the Pink Auto service for the rest of the online junta here.

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