Things that happen when you have a group project


By Ritika Chhabria 

Group projects can be two things to people, extremely fun or extremely boring. And all that depends on the group that you get! If it’s your own friends circle in the group, there’s no project that will happen! It’s gonna be all fun! Pushing deadlines, last minute solutions and lots of fun are always involved here!
Things never happen on time
n1Whether it’s because of the timings they are available at or just the laziness of the entire group in general, things don’t happen on time. We always get late and always ask for extensions. And when that doesn’t happen, last minute preps is our only alternative.
Everybody doesn’t contribute
n2Not everybody is as serious as the others, so while all of us don’t contribute to it, all of us are given marks for it, because friends zindabad. We were either in the writing team or scriptwriting team or directing the entire thing!
Politics here also
n3Not everyone is happy with the role they get. Everyone wants to be noticed, everyone needs to get an equal role, and trust me, that’s very difficult to handle but somehow we manage I think!
Accommodating to everyone’s schedule
n4Whether it’s for discussing what to do or practising for the entire thing, it’s very difficult to manage everyone’s schedule and get one time slot where everyone’s free. That’s one reason why things keep getting pushed.
Last minute preps
giphy (1)Rushing around to get things done last minute, getting up earlier than usual, going back home later than usual are some things that we have to do to finally try and present something decent. Also the one thing that we definitely do is regret wasting time earlier and promise ourselves that we’ll start on time next time.
Discussions are never fruitful
n6More than discussing about what is important or what the topic is, we have more fun and talk about everything apart from what’s required to be spoken about. We never realize the importance of that time. It’s only later when we are doing the running around that we realize stuff.
Having to speak to people never spoken to
n7When you have people of your group in your project group, it’s okay. But when you have classmates you haven’t spoken to in your group, it takes a while but we all work well and have fun together then!
Leadership duties
n8There’s this one person who takes up leadership, and if that person is not as chill as you are, you’ve had it with messages flooding your inbox about practices and schedules and ideas of what to do and what not to do.
All’s well that ends well
giphy (2)Even on the day of the submission/presentation, our problems don’t end. Some of us don’t turn up, some get nervous and forget their lines, but, after all the fun and negotiations and discussions, we manage to reach the deadline and, considering everything that happens, we all do an amazing job!

These are just some points that came to my mind; do let me know how your experience with group projects has been