9 Hilarious quotes behind vehicles that will leave you in splits


Much before Facebook gave us space to express what is on our minds, people started to to put quotations at different places. And one of the famous ones have been vehicles. You can express whatever you want, because you own that vehicle and give a damn about whether someone likes it or not.

These hilarious quotes on one side show the swag these drivers have got and on the other side make you ROFL.

G lo entha kalthe gaani ilaanti quotes pedatharu bhaiya. Papam, vidhi veedi tho baga aadukunattu undhihilarious quotes

Poor guy, he did speak some truth!!hilarious quotes

My Car, So F**K You!!hilarious quotes

This guy is seriously frustrated with terrorism. His way of expressing Patriotismhilarious quotes

Don’t know if he is telling ‘the driver’ or ‘the father’ in you!!hilarious quotes

That’s some serious warning haan. Take it!!hilarious quotes

Personal Financial Advice ante idhi!!7 - no

Deeniki matram oka _/\_  pettalsindhe! 8 - life

‘Jalsa Rayudu’ ani peru vinnara?? Ee car owner vaade!!9 - emi