A Guy Went About Asking Indian Girls If They Were Virgin…The Answers Are Pretty Impressive..!!

” Bang Bang It Just Happened ” starts off a petite girl about losing her virginity. Well, can’t really blame her, she calls true to almost everyone of us. I mean, come on really, who stops and thinks right? These very frank and relatable answers were offered to a guy who went around the streets, asking random girls if they were virgin. Many said yes. Some said No. And what followed were some really good answers.

” I met a boy….And It happened ” replied one other girl ever so logically. But the most witty counter was still to come, when a smart one spat back on questioning how she lost her virginity – “How does one lose their virginity…Don’t You Know? ”

And then the discussion ventured into when most Indian girls lose their virginity. And that nailed it totally

Watch the video for some bold and real answers :



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