#IWearHandloom, a campaign by the new Textile Minister, Smriti Irani


Smriti Irani, after taking charge as the Textile Minister, started her first campaign #IWearHandloom in favour of the Handloom industry.

The handloom industry is among the top employment generators in India after agriculture. More than 43 lakh weavers and allied workers are engaged in it, 78% of them being women.

“#IWearHandloom is a campaign to show support to a community which weaves the diverse fabric of our nation’s rich heritage and bring international fame to our nation. It is a tribute to women who contribute to 15% of cloth production in India and 95% of world handloom production, it is saying thank you for their hardwork and dedication for keeping our traditions alive.”, writes Irani in her Facebook post.

She even posted a picture of herself in a handwoven silk saree from Bihar.
The campaign started trending on social media after Smriti Irani’s post. Politicians, celebs, sportspeople also started supporting the campaign by posting their pictures.