Madrasa teacher thrashed for teaching students National Song

While the intolerance debate has died down in the last few weeks, one incident seems to raise questions on our nature as a tolerant society.

A Madrasa headmaster in Talpukur Aara High Madrasa (West Bengal), Kazi Masum Akhtar has been thrashed by Muslim clerics for teaching the students the National Song. It has been reported that he has been asked to grow a beard and wear traditional clothes if he wants to continue as a Madrasa teacher.

It has also come to light that this is not the first time that Akhtar, who bats for education of girls, has faced threats and violence for his beliefs. He has reported that he had spoken to the Chief Minister and the Chairman of the State Minorities Commission, but nothing came of it.

While the news story has been splashed over social media in the last few days, no action has been taken yet.

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