Mamta Tonic – The Short Film Appeals To Motherhood In The Strangest Of Ways..!!

By Nisha Bhagadia  

Mamta Tonic : A short film by TTT
Cast: Suhita Thatte, Shabnam Vadhera, Kiran Thapar and Atika Chohan
Director: Srinivas Sunderrajan
Rating : 4/5 ( Must Watch )

A love of a mother for her child has no boundaries and this has been portrayed in a rather horrifying way which has never been explored before in a 6min 12 secs short film. The film takes us on a horrifying ride filled with suspense. The short film by Srinivas Sunderrajan (Film-maker) will surely make us think twice before answering a “Doorbell”. The film revolves around a saleswoman trying to convince three customers to buy her product. Mamta Tonic is one of the short films produced by “Terribly Tiny Tales”.

The movie kick starts with a doorbell and a saleswoman trying to convince people to buy her product – “Mamta Tonic”. Even after showing least interest in her product she somehow manages to enter their house on the pretext to drink water.

As the story moves the film shows how the saleswoman indulges people in her talks about how important the “Tonic” is for their body, and the pros of the tonic. She also tells them that the tonic is the reason she is alive because it cures all her illness. The customers later get influenced by her talks and drinks the tonic after which the film takes a drastic turn.

The film is a suspense thriller as it does not disclose the suspense till the end of the film and the climax amazes the audience and leaves them terrified. The actors of the film have done a marvelous job. Though it was a horrifying film the saleswoman (Suhita Thatte) was dressed up in a normal saree with a cap written with “Mamta Tonic” on it.

The film also takes us through a very different concept and a very different experience never felt before. The film showcases ‘motherhood’ and how the loss of a child can effect the mother and not let her face the reality. The film surely woos the audience by leaving a remark on them.

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